SANY HS Atoms Participate in Genius Olympiad

SAS and UAS Students Compete in Prestigious International Competition

Wednesday, June 14th, 2023: Several Syracuse Academy of Science and Utica Academy of Science students participated in the Genius Olympiad. Genius Olympiad is a prestigious international competition bringing together the best and brightest students from different countries worldwide. Founded and organized by Terra Science and Education, the Rochester Institute of Technology hosted this year’s competition. High School students from nearly 60 countries enter projects in five general disciplines with an environmental focus.  

Winning medals at an International science fair is no easy task; however, our Atoms pulled it off with grace and a lot of hard work. Please congratulate the following students:

Project name: Creating a Synthetic Violacein Fabric Dye Out of Transformed E. Coli.

Silver Medal- Migual Mathis & Grace O'Neill

Project Name: A novel study to solve the global threat of Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR): Herbal remedy; Hibiscus Sabdariffa bactericidal invasion on the molecular composition of Fusarium Oxysporum Fungi

Yakina Sika Amoha-Bronze Medal

Robotics: Bronze medal- Samara Hurtado, Lester Gonzales, and Mickayla Pagan 

Honorable mentions: Andre McClain, Jenell Virgilio, and Theodore Simon

Aamiran Ridha, Araceli Goodyear, and Elda Goodyear. 

Honorable mention in the Creative Writing category: Almin Husovic.


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